Dr Alora products is a female-owned company that formulates everyday hair and skin care products for families in Kenya using natural ingredients.

The company was founded by Dr. Laura Munyazi Mwangi in 2016. What began as a quest to cure acne- mixing different natural oils to achieve a smooth skin and natural glow- and the desire to share the formula, inspired the start of Dr.Alora.

Dr. Alora’s family products are certified and deliver results.

Laura Mwangi

Dr Alora Skin & Hair Products – CEO

Dr. Alora was born out of Dr Laura’s long struggle with acne, a desire to give back to humanity and a dream to build a manufacturing operation as big a size as Bidco Industries Kenya. After trying anything and everything to treat her symptoms, Dr. Laura decided to ‘take matters into her own hands’ by researching thoroughly the root cause of her ailment. On her road to a solution and with her background in Pharmacology, she found herself fascinated by the intersection between clinical and organic treatments to skin issues. To deepen her knowledge, she pursued a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation with Formula Botanica. Eventually, she formulated a product that would work to improve her acne. This improvement did not go unnoticed by her family and friends. Their requests led her to formulate products for them and to later create a skin-care line that now has more than 15 formulated products which have  benefitted to thousands of families.

To help our clients look good, feel good and do good everyday by formulating hair and skin care products that yield results, focus on customer intimacy  and delivering a frictionless experience.

To be Africa’s leading formulator of everyday skin care products while creating quality training and employment opportunities for the African youth.

Renew. Rejuvenate. Regenerate

Customer Centricity

We put our customers’ needs and satisfaction at the center of all we do. We deliver our services conveniently and with speed.

Highest Standards in Product and Service Quality and Safety

We do not compromise on quality and safety of our products.


We are dependable. We are bound by whatever our promise


We believe in investing in the family unit as this is where it all begins and ends.


We put in the work and are careful to ensure quality and safe products


We aim for a high level of work ethic and excellence in how we work.

We formulate everyday hair and skin care products using natural ingredients sourced  both locally and out of Kenya. Our Product lines include:-

Our products are generally formulated for the family. In particular, they are for the modern woman who values convenience and will do whatever it takes to achieve what they set out to do fast and with efficiency including skin care. This woman is constantly in search or skincare routines and products that are aligned to this because she plays an important role in decision making on matters family care. Our products and services are designed to support this woman’s lifestyle.

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